If you’re in the market for a wedding photographer or cinematographer, then you’ve probably realized that finding and choosing the right person is both a process and an investment. It’s also about both parties having the right connection to work together. It goes both ways. So let me help in making your decision. I am not your typical wedding photographer/videographer, and I am not trying to follow the trend. As a former news photojournalist, I value great storytelling more than anything else. My photography and cinematography style is about capturing real moments and real stories. It’s about simplicity and emotion. I’m not one for staging scenes, using elaborate photoshop effects, or becoming a director on your wedding day. I believe that a wedding is about laughing, crying, being silly and spending time with your favorite people. And although I enjoy creating a beautiful posed portrait, my favorite images/clips tend to be from the outtakes. I love spontaneous moments, like Dad getting down on the dance floor, Mom holding back tears of joy or the bride throwing back tequila shots during the reception. Because genuine emotion is powerful and timeless.
So just be yourself. I’ll take care of the rest.


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