Where do I begin with Crystal and Zach? Absolutely beautiful couple, and incredibly kind and generous. There were so may things I loved about documenting these two, but I’d have to say that their amazing sense of humor definitely stood out the most. I have not seen two people genuinely laugh so much together in a long time, which leaves me no doubt that their carefree personalities are going to make for fun memories and exciting stories in the years ahead. Crystal and Zach’s wedding celebration was held in the beautiful Mint Museum Uptown on a blue-sky October afternoon. Many thanks to the both of them for allowing me to take part in such a memorable event. Let me also take this time to thank all the break dancing, moon walking, jump roping, give-it-all-you’ve-got hip shakers that have so eagerly hammed it up for my camera. You folks really complete my films and make me so happy. 🙂

I hope Crystal, Zach, friends and family will enjoy this highlight reel for years to come. Wishing them both the absolute best in their journey together.

Much love.

Crystal + Zach’s Wedding Highlight Reel from Tricia Coyne on Vimeo

Featuring music by NeedToBreathe – The Heart
Licensed at TheMusicBed.com

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